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One of the exciting up coming fields in classical guitar is the implementation of popular guitar techniques like percussive hits in pieces.  
There is a classical guitar term for percussive hits on classical guitar – tambour. To execute tambour on guitar, you would strike the strings with your right hand (i.e. the underside of the thumb and near the bridge) while you are holding a chord in your left hand.  But in popular guitar styles like fingerstyle, percussive techniques are expanded on.

In my arrangement of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, I also used a variety of percussive techniques that are readily accessible to classical guitar.  In this particular song, I think there can be 4 types of percussive hits that can be used musically here – two of which you used (dampened strum, then damped strum with notes being played). The other two are body hits, in which the way I do it is that I use the underside of my wrist to tap the body of the guitar for the percussive hit; so one is the percussive hit with the wrist by itself, then with the percussive hit while playing notes at the sametime. It is alittle tricky to do but definitely possible.

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