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At the time of writing this (April 2016), it has been over 5 years since I was first diagnosed with FD.  I have continually made strides in my playing and have improved, but there are still problems in my playing.  The block chord playing (playing PIMA together or P-IMA in an alternation) is still really difficult for me.  Tremors and wonky movement continue to plague me when I do this.  Other combinations are have gotten better or have gone away (I think!); I-M, P-M, M-A, I-A, alternations, P-M-A, P-A-M-I arpeggios.  There are still arpeggios that give me some trouble, but they have gotten better through my practice regime – P-I-A-I, P-I-M-A, P-I-M-I, P-M-I-M, P-I-M arpeggios, and P-I alternations.  I will continue to work through those to get the tremors or jerkiness feeling out of them.

This video showed my most recent attempts of playing block chord type stuff in a sequence.  The tremors and jerkiness has lessened but continues to plague me.

It was in this video I found that my thumb randomly activates when I even touch the strings.  I have since been working on this and had some success.

I have continually been working on my regaining my tremolo but again the same problems exist, not a loud tremolo because I’m trying to stay below the dystonic movement threshold.

My most recent video shows me trying to play block chords again but the same sort of result.  It has been continually improving, as I wouldn’t have been able to do this several months ago.  I will continue with the slow exercises to try to fix the sensations.

Going into the 6th year of my retraining, I can say that I’ve learned a lot of my playing mechanism and it has helped me when approaching how to teach others.  I will post some videos of my retraining exercises in the future with hopes that other with the same problem can overcome it.

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