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My fourth year of retraining, I had become aware of some important things that were holding me back.

  1.  The relationship of the P finger and how it affects the whole hand
  2.  Putting all my effort to fix my M finger from curling, when it was the other fingers that were activating it.
  3.  Excess tension of the thumb that I had when touching and playing the strings at all times with the guitar.

I had a video of month 34 –

I know it was in year 3, but these things I didn’t really become aware of until the 4th year.

It was also in my 4th year I gave up and went back to using hand aids exclusively for awhile in order to play.  I kind of gave up for awhile and just wanted to play and enjoy music again.  But eventually I would start to flip flop again between retraining with hand aids, and then retraining without it.

It was around this time, I was starting to put out music again, and began releasing YouTube videos of various arrangements I’ve done and arrangements for students.  I still continued to show improvement, but I really went up a step because of this (or what I think is the reason); In my retraining, I should focus on the sensations of the finger movements and their combinations with the hand aids, and see how different in feeling and in presentation when not using hand aids when doing the same finger movements.

A real pinnacle moment for me is when I used a cat toy ball thing connected to a camera strap as a hand aid instead of a ping pong ball.  Using the ping pong ball forced my hand to have tension that I thought was unnecessary.  Using the Bracelet freed me of the tension but allowed me to feel the same sensations to help me in my training.  I have since used this bracelet on and off with my retraining of slow movement exercises and rebuilding of my finger sensations to much success.

Unfortunately I still felt that I couldn’t perform properly yet and still used the hand aid bracelet to play gigs or for certain performances.  But it was better than nothing!  My 4th year of retraining I was able to return to playing gigs in public again!

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