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The videos I took of year three were in the beginning.  This was partly because I only took videos of when I thought I saw progress.

This video shows that the tremors and jerkiness continue to plague me, but at this time I am able to play it more smoothly.  I am continuing to try to use the larger muscles for playing.

This video marked 7 months into retraining my tremolo from FD.  Losing my tremolo was one of the most disappointing things to happen to my playing.  I spent so much time trying to get it in an acceptable range and then all the sudden I had to start over again.. totally heart breaking.  Recollecting on this video though, I think this was a break through moment for me because I was able to play a tremolo (although a rough one ha!) for myself again.

This video showed how my hard work was starting to pay off in the form of single line finger alternation.  I was starting to get the sensation of how correct I-M alternation in relation to how P and A-C feel.  I focused more on doing rest stroke first, but then moved it to free stroke.  I continued to work on my scales and alternation of other fingers.  Tremors are still as present as ever.

For my tremolo practice, I focused more on finger sequencing and planting.  Again I wasn’t able to make a strong, loud tremolo because it would have caused dystonic movements.  But at that point I was making more strides in my playing.  For the rest of the year I focused more on trying to bring back the volume in my playing while keeping the dystonia at bay.


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