I am interested in lessons, can you tell me more?

Every student has their own goals that they want to achieve with guitar, so each lesson catered to each student’s needs. My approach to teaching focuses on building a solid foundation in technique and theory to develop musicality through body awareness, tone production, reading music, and building of repertoire. Prior to our first lesson, I ask that we talk about your goals for learning guitar and any previous experience in playing guitar. This way when we meet for our first lesson, we can jump into what you want to learn immediately and not waste anytime.

I chose to play music that appeals most to me (Classical, Fingerstyle, and Solo Jazz Guitar), but many of my students focus on other repertoire and styles. Although there are many different musical styles, they all share the same basic building blocks of fundamental technique and musicality. It is important to learn those principles to gain a mastery of music, and enable creation of beauty and expressiveness of one’s own voice.

What is your teaching philosophy?

It gives me great joy and satisfaction to see students succeed and reach their goals, and feel grateful to be apart of their musical journey. I feel that learning music is like building a house; in order to have your house last a lifetime, the foundation has to be solid before any other ground work can be done. The foundation of guitar playing is learning basic technique and musicality. From there, it is then used as the platform to expand and explore your individual musical path.

My teaching style is a culmination from my many teachers whom I have studied and continued to study, my performing experience, and my individual study of pedagogy and music. I strive to communicate concepts in the most intuitive way possible for your learning style.

Should I have lessons in-person, or online through Skype or Google?

Online lessons are becoming more and more popular and accessible for people wishing to learning guitar. There are many benefits to taking lessons online through Skype or Google chat such as:

Reduced/non existent travel times – Perfect for people that live outside the NYC area, or that do not drive, or for people that travel frequently
People whose schedules constantly change from week to week – Scheduling would be more flexible with online lessons as opposed to in-person lessons
People who like to record lessons – Recording lessons on Skype works very well, but I do encourage people to video or audio record our lessons whether online or in-person

How much are lessons?

Cost – Individual Lessons:
$60 for one 45mins lesson

You can save money and time by purchasing a lesson pack. Having a consistent lesson time encourages a certain focus that can really help you to make great strides in your practice.

It’s very easy to get sidetracked by our increasingly busy lives. Knowing you have a lesson coming up can be great motivation to practice. Purchasing multiple lessons means we have some more time to dig in and really get to work and get you reaching your goals as a guitar player and musician, not to mention you save money doing it this way!

One Single Lesson – $60/45mins
4 x Single Lessons – $200 SAVE $40!

Here’s what you’ll need:
The latest version of Skype application (available here)
High-speed Internet connection
A PayPal account
A Guitar!

I keep a detailed log of what each of my students is currently working on, what we have covered and what we’ll be working on next. This helps me to chart your progress and also plan the best way of helping you to reach your goals. I also have numerous PDF worksheets that I will email to you either before, during or after a lesson so you will have material that you can read and work through in your own time – just like a regular classroom!

What if I miss a week?
I understand that emergencies and/or life events happen and a student will have to miss a lesson. I ask that at a 48 hour notice prior to missing the lesson. Make-up lessons are available at limited times and are not guaranteed. Missed lessons are not transferable to a new lesson block.

For lessons that I cancel, I will set up and arrange another time for it to be made up, or be deducted from the next month’s payment.

Where do you teach?

I currently offer lessons online through Skype or Google Chat, and lessons at Maggie’s Studio Inc.

Do you offer in-house lessons?

My past teaching experience does include giving lessons in student’s homes, and very much enjoyed it. But unfortunately my current teaching and playing schedule does not allow me time to travel for in-house lessons.

How often are music lessons?

Regular scheduled lessons (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly) are the most common lesson times that I offer. I do offer other types of lesson times, but request that they are regularly scheduled. For people that have changing schedules, I think that online lessons would be most beneficial for you as they are more flexible in scheduling than meeting in person.

Visit my SHOP to purchase a single lesson or the lessons bundle pack!

I do offer introductory lessons, so please contact me by email, You can also view samples of my teaching and playing on my YouTube Channel – Thank you.