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I saw this interesting question on Quora the other day, and thought I would post my answer in the blog in hopes of offering encouragement to anyone wanting to play.

I don’t have the time to practice the certain amount of time every day, but I have guitars at my home and at the office. I’d like to use every few minutes I hold the guitar not just to have fun, but to improve my skills. I guess I just need some list of exercises that would help with that. Could you please advice something? My two main goals are 1.improve my technique in all aspects 2. learn the notes & theory to compose some licks or even MUSIC 🙂 Thanks in advance!
The best advice I can give you is to set little obtainable goals every time you practice/play.  Continually make those goals until you reach the overall level you are trying to achieve.

This sounds easy but it’s definitely not.  Most people at first make the goals too long term, or are unsure of how to break down their long term into a set of steps that they can then practice.  Therefore they never improve.  I think it’s important to try to critically analyze as much of your playing as you can in order to learn the most effectively.  

I think with my above statement, having a good teacher will help you identify those steps faster, and help you improve faster as well.  Good luck in your playing.

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