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Happy late anniversary FD!  This video marks the 6 year mark since I have been diagnosed with Focal Dystonia in my right hand.  I continue to make progress (but still painfully slow), but any is better than nothing.

Here is the excerpt of progress from my YouTube Video:

Since the last video, I have went back to using various hand-aids to deal with P-IMA alternation and the movements between the P and I fingers.

I used an oval-8 splint to prevent the involuntary curling of the I finger’s tip joint. I did this for two reasons; 1. To try to stop the involuntary curling of the tip, 2. To regain the sensations of how the adjacent fingers should move without inference of the dystonic movement. I focused mainly on the relationships between the index/middle, index/thumb.

I also used a thumb brace with the same reasoning for the P finger movement; 1. Prevent the involuntary tightening of the mid-joint of the thumb, 2. To regain the sensations of the movement of the I, M, and A fingers when using the P fingers to play.

I have found that there seems to be a relationship between tension of my I finger when playing P-IMA alternation. There is also a relationship between the I and A fingers when playing P strokes.
I am going to continue to work on the I finger and its relationship to the other fingers in terms of tension.

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